Monday, February 27, 2012

Mass Mog 3 @ May 19, 2012

Saturday two weeks before Memorial Day Weekend. Going with Unimog and other European vehicles like Pinzguaer, Volvo's etc. ONLY. Sorry...had to streamline as we are getting into more extreme terrain.

Other vehicles welcome to see us off but only above vehicles will be allowed. Sign up soon to be posted on Talking about going right to Phase 2 (Powerline descent) then tackling a very difficult Phase 3 (The KOA).

If you have a show vehicle that you don't want to get dirty, we encourage you to participate by coming to the farm by driving or trailer, then hopping in one of the many off-roading vehicles in the caravan. Seat space has never been a problem.

Register will soon be up:

Looking for name, address, cell, t-shirt size, year, make, model.